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Pero Niño

Pero Niño Diamond Highball Glass Set - Luxury 2 Pack

Pero Niño Diamond Highball Glass Set - Luxury 2 Pack

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Elevate your beverage experience with the Pero Niño Diamond Highball Glass Set. Crafted for those who appreciate timeless elegance and functionality, this luxury 2 pack of highball glasses adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Each glass features a beautifully intricate diamond pattern that enhances the visual appeal of your drink. The elegant shape and crystal-clear glass not only showcase the vibrant hues of your beverages but also provide a comfortable grip, making every sip a delight. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing cocktail, a classic highball, or simply a glass of water, the Pero Niño Diamond Highball Glasses are the perfect choice.

Perfect for gifting or adding to your own collection, these glasses are not just drinkware; they are a statement of luxury and style.


  • Set of 2 luxury highball glasses
  • Elegant diamond pattern to enhance drink presentation
  • Crystal-clear glass for a refined look
  • Comfortable shape for a sophisticated grip
  • Ideal for upscale events and personal enjoyment
  • Branded with the signature Pero Niño emblem


  • Height: 14.4 cm
  • Diameter: 8.4 cm
  • Material: Premium quality glass

Discover the art of fine drinking with the Pero Niño Diamond Highball Glass Set – where luxury meets timeless design.

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