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Ardbeg Bespoke Whisky Tasting Glass with Lid

Ardbeg Bespoke Whisky Tasting Glass with Lid

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Savour the complexity of Ardbeg's smoky whiskies with this bespoke whisky-tasting glass, specifically designed to enhance the sensory experience.
  • Brand: Ardbeg
  • Material: Premium glass with a distinctive tulip shape
  • Design: Features a sturdy stem, a bulbous base for enhanced aeration, and a tapered opening to concentrate aromas
  • Accessory: Comes with a tiny cloche-style lid to capture the whisky's essence
  • Detailing: Elegantly etched with Ardbeg's insignia, affirming its authenticity

The unique design of this glass allows for an unparalleled appreciation of Ardbeg's peat-rich profiles. The included lid ensures that no nuance of the whisky's fragrance is lost, making for a tasting experience as intentional as the whisky-making process itself.

A sublime gift for whisky enthusiasts or a fine addition to your own collection, this Ardbeg tasting glass is a true testament to the art of whisky appreciation. Explore our selection for more premium whisky accessories.

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