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Mercier Eve Champagne Flutes with New Insignia - Set of 6

Mercier Eve Champagne Flutes with New Insignia - Set of 6

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of Mercier Champagne with the Mercier Eve Flutes. These glasses, crafted for those who appreciate the refined pleasure of a well-served champagne, are the ideal complement to Mercier's renowned Brut, Blanc de Noirs, and Rosé.
  • Brand: Mercier
  • Material: High-quality glass designed for clarity and durability
  • Design: Chic tapered silhouette with a wide bowl for optimal aroma release
  • Set Size: Six flutes, perfect for hosting or as an addition to your home bar
  • Details: Embellished with the new and distinguished Mercier insignia

The thin stem and generous bowl of these flutes not only create a visually pleasing profile but also enhance the drinking experience, allowing each champagne to breathe and fully reveal its bouquet.

Celebrate every moment with the sophistication of Mercier Eve Flutes. For more refined champagne and wine accessories, peruse our curated collection.

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